How it works?

1. Create a D:RAILED account.

2. Click the 'Create a quote' link.

3. Select the gender, size, retailer and garment type from the drop down lists. You can send us 1-10 garments at a time.

4. Proceed to the next step and all your contact details should appear if you've already created an account.

5. You will be given a quote in units in exchange for your items which will be emailed to you.

6. Print the address label with your unique bar code.

7. Package up your items and send them in to us.

8. Once your items arrive, we'll check everything is in order, then the units will appear in your account, ready for you to spend on the website.

Don't worry if you can't find the correct retailer in the quotation drop down menu! As new brands appear all the time, there may be some that aren't listed. We have categorised them into 4 types. 

Type 1 is low cost fast fashion e.g. Primark and Peacocks

Type 2 is more high street brands such as next or River Island

Type 3 is for premium brands such as Nike or adidas

Type 4 is for designer wear and this is quoted upon receipt of the items

You can select 'Type ? - other' to allocate you garment to the most suitable category.